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[News] UnitWars Season 14 X1000 Opening 7 April!

Welcome to UnitWars Season 14 Episode 1 server. Continent awaits you to be conquered! Latest Season 14 features and the new character Rune Wizard awaits you! Rune Wizard has 4 evolutions like all standard classes: Rune Wizard, Rune Spell Master, Grand Rune Master and Grand Rune Wizard.
Season 14 brings new features such as Jewel Divide and combine from inventory systems. No more full inventories! New item enhancement system from Awakening to Soul weapons and Blue Eye sets which have new amazing ancient options. New Wings of Disillusion for Grand Rune Master and Wings of Fate for Grand Rune Wizard.
New Divine Arch Lance for Grow Lancer, new hunting area Kubera Mine, 4th Mastery Weapons, Rune Wizard 4th Wings and 3rd Mastery Items, Rune Wizard 4th Division and Skill Enhancement Tree.

Server Opening 7 April 17:00 Server Time.
01:00 Argentina (UTC-3);
15:00 Poland (UTC+1);
21.00 Vietnam (UTC+7);
22.00 Philippines (UTC+8).

Basic Information:
Version: Season 14.
Experience: X1000 Regular / Master / Majestic.
Maximum Level: 1070.
Soul + Luck 100%, Without Luck 75%.
Spots: All maps (press TAB to see on minimap).
Resets: 400lvl * 2kk Zen, stats burns, 500 free stats.
Grand Resets: from 250 resets, reward 3000 W Coins, 25000 stats each gr.
Ruud: can be obtained from Boss, Invasions, Events.
Goblin Points: 2gp/minute.

There are no Item Shop, just CashShop (X) in game.

F9 - Perfomance Mode On/Off (AntiLag); F12 - Minimize Game Window (Tray Mode).

Character Reset Reward system:
Reach 10 Resets and get 100 W Coins;
Reach 25 Resets and get 200 W Coins;
Reach 50 Resets and get 300 W Coins;
Reach 75 Resets and get 400 W Coins;
Reach 100 Resets and get 500 W Coins.

Character Reset Boost system:
Reset 25: Unlock +7% HP Increase;
Reset 50: Unlock + 14% SD Increase;
Reset 100: Unlock + 7% Defense Increase;
Reset 150: Unlock + 14% Damage Increase.

Game Commands:
Reset Character: /reset
Grand Reset: /greset
Global chat: /post.
Add Stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd.
Clear PK: /pkclear.
OffAttack: /offattack (use settings from UnitWars Helper).
Warehouses: /ware 0, 1 and etc.
AutoParty: /re auto or /re auto.
Custom Store: /store or /offstore (offline mode).

Chaos Machine rates:
Jewel of Soul: 75% (No Luck);
Items +Luck: 25%;
Create Chaos Weapon: 80%;
Item Upgrade (+10 - +15): 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 35%;
Wings (Level1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4): 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 25%.

Store/OffStore commands:
/store wc - sell for wcoins;
/store gp - sell for goblin points;
/store ruud - sell for ruud;
/store bless - sell for bless;
/store soul - sell for soul;
/store life - sell for life.

The amount of selected coin is based on "Zen value".
Set the name of your store (not open by button) and send the command.

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