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[News] Server updated.

Server will be offline from 18:30 to 18:32.


Added spots in Arena VIP.
Added spots on Minimap in Lands of Trial.
Fixed Evolution Stone drop from Eggs.
X Shop updated. Added Wings of Conqueror, Angel and Devil. Added Titan's Anger.
You can now put Jewel of Harmony in Ancient Items.

We are already working on next update to increase PvP balances, now it's more better then it was before!
We are thanks all of you!

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[News] PvP balance.

We changed some PvP balances on Server1 ONLY.
You can check it already. We will return if it bad.

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[News] Maintenance.

Game maintenance 21:00 server time.
Server will be offline for 3 minutes.

Will be fixed Boss respawn.
Changed Boss times to every 3 hours.
As they are every 3 hours reduced earn W Coins for kill.
Changes on Expirable items. Now they will be automatically deleted.

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[News] Vote Reward.

Hello UnitWarsMu players!
Vote reward is back and you can now support server by voting an receiving W Coins for it!
Each vote link for successfull vote will give 20 W Coins.
Players can vote 1 time every 12 hours.
Limits: 1 IP address/1 Browser = 1 vote.
Requirement: 5 resets to vote.
Voting farming is not allowed, it means if you voted for other server in time frame of 12 hours your vote will not be accepted! Only fully completed votes counts and W Coins reward is added!
Vote from multiple accounts is forbidden and punished by all accounts permanent ban!

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[News] Server maintenance.

Server maintenance ~5 min from 18.00 server time.

Increased Boss HP/Defense.
Recheked again Boss spawn on TestServer (spawn OK).
Added Sphere in Lorencia Bar NPC.
Fixed Socket item drop in Raklion.
Swell Life buff little reduced.
Heal Potions regeneration slightly reduced.
Fixed Golden Sentence drop from God of Darkness (x10).
Added item description on all items from X Shop (need to update game client).
Other small fixes.

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