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[News] Maintenance.

Dear friends!

Server X9999 maintenance 30 minutes.

Fix God of Darkness, Ferea, Nixie Bosses.

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[News] Update 2.0.

Some changes in PvP.
Fixed Arena Battle (need to update game client).
In Lorencia Bar NPC Added Scrolls to reset ML.
Moss Merchant appears now more often.
Fixed BA/DA/HA RW drop.
Added Gemstone drop from mobs in Kanturu (Nightmare) Event.
Reduced BK Stun effect.

We are know about Boss bug (Ferea, God of Darkness etc). We are working on fix, sorry for inconveniences.

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[News] Update 1.0.

Server X9999, added Arena Battle event.

More info in Guides section.

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[News] UnitWars X9999 Opening 27 September!

UnitWars Season 14 Episode 1
Max style X9999 server Opening 27 September!
Registration opened, register HERE.

[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

Server is made for fast levelling and grinding.
Shops: Jewels, Wings till 3rd level, Box of Kundun.

Max Option: +16.
Soul + luck 95%, Without 70%.
Life: 70%.
Max Level: 1070.

Ppl: 10/14.
Spots: All maps (press TAB to see on mini map).
Resets: From 400lvl in game, stats stay, reset reward 10 Coins.
Grand resets: From 100 resets in website, 2000 Coins reward, stats burns.

Free GP: 2GP/min. online time.
Free Coins: Vote and get 40 Coins each 12 hours.

Bosses: Spawns every 1 hour, 5-25 each type, ~200 boss/mini boss per hour.
Drops: Semi FO, FO items from boss and events.
Ruud: Events/Boss/Mini Games.

Join the exciting race to conquer top maps and bosses!

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[News] New Server X9999.

Hello dears!

X1000 will be closed due to low popularity and no interest from new players! All donations 100% will be returned to our new X9999 server or to X100 if players wishes so! You need just create same account for new server and write us in support or FB page. New X9999 will be really new server with different game configs and settings, new invasions, updated balances and fixes on all game content that worked not properly. More news coming soon!

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