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[News] Last fixes with Bosses.

Hello dears!

Final fixes with Bosses respawn (God of Darkness, Lord of Ferea, Nix).
Now it works how it should.

Thanks for your patience!

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[News] PvP and PvM.

PvP and PvM updated.
Some class got higher damage.
Some class got lowered damage.

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[News] Maintenance.

Dear friends!

Server X9999 maintenance 30 minutes.

Fix God of Darkness, Ferea, Nixie Bosses.

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[News] Update 2.0.

Some changes in PvP.
Fixed Arena Battle (need to update game client).
In Lorencia Bar NPC Added Scrolls to reset ML.
Moss Merchant appears now more often.
Fixed BA/DA/HA RW drop.
Added Gemstone drop from mobs in Kanturu (Nightmare) Event.
Reduced BK Stun effect.

We are know about Boss bug (Ferea, God of Darkness etc). We are working on fix, sorry for inconveniences.

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[News] Update 1.0.

Server X9999, added Arena Battle event.

More info in Guides section.

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